Friday, July 29, 2011


Yesterday was just one of those days that unraveled quickly. Reminded me of when Norah was wee and would pull the toilet paper roll and all the white squares connected by flimsy dots, would puddle on the floor in a mass of paper ribbon. One of those kinda days. Baby yelling, lots of nursing, Norah complaining, cat fur all over the floor, Barbies and teethers every where you get the idea. At times I didnt even like myself.

At 8 oclock pm I met with my firstborn. The child whom has hurt me most actually. But it was good and friendly. A balm soothed over bright-red raw skin. There is still healing to be done. But God, so the Great Healer and will in time perform His miracle.

Caiden is sitting so well, this 7th month. I sorely and fervently love him.

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