Saturday, May 4, 2013

Ultimate Homemaking Bundle

Friday, September 2, 2011


This month my baby girl starts kindergarten. I am full of cliches and similar ideas so often reflected by mommas worldwide. These milestones wrap around each other so quickly and effortlessly, and soon its all a look-back as time continues to tick away. I have seen many a sweet child of mine go/start kindergarten. All so bittersweet.
Norah will blessedly be homeschooling and I can enjoy her presence everyday still, but growing up is happening and I cling to little girl days and Caidens baby days with a little tighter grip then my first 7 children. I know they are my wee cabooses on this baby train so they mean even that much more...each day. The persistent hum of the clock counting each minute.

Summer is waning. We will swim one last time tomorrow, until spring bounces back. Caiden is eating more and more everyday. Trying to stand....marching towards toddlerhood. Momma is grasping little hands tighter and watching sleeping angels closer...burning it all into memory.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sweet little girl

Norah is sweet. Purely individual and precocious, yet her kind delicate giving heart is as innocent and pure as they come. She truly wants to just give away all her money ("i have too much") she says. Keri needed $200 for a dog cage and she quietly went to her room, opened the black rubber gasket from her white bunny, and poured her money out...bringing it downstairs to Keri "to keep". sigh. sweetness.

The following day as I headed to a garage sale she hands me a plastic bubble baggie of miscellaneous coins to "buy something for Caiden". She would give away everything she had if she could , to anyone she perceives as in need.

The Lord loves a cheerful giver. And we both love Norah:)

Monday, August 1, 2011

shiny faces

We all have them today. Hot, humid weather is stagnated over NY and my babies have a wet glow to their faces. Kisses are tacky and salty. Our hair is sticking to our necks, the underside of mine very damp. Its August now, time to look forward to school, fall, cool temps and pumpkin farms. At least for me. It somehow helps my internal thermostat to know these days of wiggly, sticky babies will soon give way to rosy cheeks.
Happy August 1st!

Friday, July 29, 2011


Yesterday was just one of those days that unraveled quickly. Reminded me of when Norah was wee and would pull the toilet paper roll and all the white squares connected by flimsy dots, would puddle on the floor in a mass of paper ribbon. One of those kinda days. Baby yelling, lots of nursing, Norah complaining, cat fur all over the floor, Barbies and teethers every where you get the idea. At times I didnt even like myself.

At 8 oclock pm I met with my firstborn. The child whom has hurt me most actually. But it was good and friendly. A balm soothed over bright-red raw skin. There is still healing to be done. But God, so the Great Healer and will in time perform His miracle.

Caiden is sitting so well, this 7th month. I sorely and fervently love him.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hello again

Years. Its been that long. Day after day. Seasons have passed and my life is richer and fuller. God has blessed us with a new baby...Caiden Charles. He is already 7 months old. What a blessed creation he is.

I have been thinking about my blogs, and what to do with them, and I think I would like an electronic journal, of sorts, to refer to and see how life has changed.

So, heres a recent photo. I am so happy and lucky that God gives us such perfect gifts:)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Out on a Limb

I am just sayin...I believe babies can sleep with their mommas, and be totally safe and thrive and be healthy. I know all the cons...and lets say all things flat bed, no crazy heavy blankets, mom not on meds or ETOH, all that aside...cuz I know...I still want to let people know that its ok to sleep with your baby.
As a nurse, my patients will ask me if its ok to sleep with their baby, and obligatorily I have to say what the recommendations are, but my heart feels differently. I have slept with all of mine with various degrees of rails on the bed edges, and co-sleepers and have relished every minute of 24 hour contact. My last baby girl, now 2 yrs, had that really fancy co-sleeper...and I loved it. It held my glasses safely while we slept and it housed diapers for me and kept my baby safe from falling off the bed, but she never..yup never (i know!) slept in it. sigh.
So there...I said it. I made it public. I support co-sleeping with your baby with all the safety nets in place:) (I try to be so PC).