Friday, September 2, 2011


This month my baby girl starts kindergarten. I am full of cliches and similar ideas so often reflected by mommas worldwide. These milestones wrap around each other so quickly and effortlessly, and soon its all a look-back as time continues to tick away. I have seen many a sweet child of mine go/start kindergarten. All so bittersweet.
Norah will blessedly be homeschooling and I can enjoy her presence everyday still, but growing up is happening and I cling to little girl days and Caidens baby days with a little tighter grip then my first 7 children. I know they are my wee cabooses on this baby train so they mean even that much more...each day. The persistent hum of the clock counting each minute.

Summer is waning. We will swim one last time tomorrow, until spring bounces back. Caiden is eating more and more everyday. Trying to stand....marching towards toddlerhood. Momma is grasping little hands tighter and watching sleeping angels closer...burning it all into memory.

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