Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Old Jammies

Arent we all so very sentimental? How many little bags or boxes of infant clothes have been saved and savored? I know that I just am weak-in-the-knees when it comes to things my children have used and loved and have out-grown. So one day...oh so long ago, I came across a wee teeny sleeper that all three of my boys wore. It was probably the only thing the three of them did share, as boys can be rough on their clothing. Anyways, this sweet baby blue terrycloth sleeper was just precious and I had to remake it into something to keep forever. So, the idea came to me....make a little soft toy.

As you can see, its a simple triangle. A triangle shape is easy for babies to hold and the (freshly washed of course) terry cloth is nice and tactile for lots of stimulation when teething. I made a triangle out of the body of the sleeper and the back. Obviously the back of the sleeper has more whole fabric. Then I took the cute little feet and legs of the sleeper and they became the most obvious...bunny ears. I simply sewed the "ears" in place at the top of the triangle, then put the triangles right sides together and stitched all three edges, leaving a small opening for turning and stuffing.

After turning right side out i stuffed it with some fiberfil, leaving it soft and squishy and i placed a little bell wayyyyyy up safely inside the bunny and I stitched the opening closed. I used a water soluble marker and drew on a face that made me happy: a sleeping bunny face, and stitched it with floss.

Thats it. What other uses can you find for well loved garments instead of stuffing them in a box? Whenever I see this little bunny, now nestled in my hutch, I think of how small my boys were and how their now HUGE feet used to fit snuggly in those "ears".

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