Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Techno Trap

LOL....remember these? Yes, my first cell phone. I HATED it...(big emphasis on hate). It was large, ginormous actually...purse sized. It came in a case and weighed about as much as a small brick. I simply refused to carry it. I wondered why on earth would I possibly need to talk to anyone while out at the grocery store, or getting gas or out to dinner. Ridiculous!

(Fast forward 16 years now...2009) Yes, I succumbed to a cell phone, and not only have one, but have it always "on duty". I can slip it in my jeans pocket! Sigh. I wish life were simpler now. I no longer can sit uninterrupted at dinner, or in the bookstore. I have this incessant need to "be available" if my kids or family need me. Its become the norm, and I fell victim to it. And sadly, I think there is no return. (longer sigh)

(Flashback to 1977....) My sister and I are home. When oh when is my mom coming back? There is lunch to be made, my sister is bugging me, and I have no one to tell! I am bored. We want to go swimming...etc etc. Hours later my mother blissfully walks in, unaware of the antics at home and unscathed from our turmoil as kids/sisters. Sure, we have lugged out the phone book before to TRY and guess what store she may possibly be in and have her overhead paged....but the chances of finding her are slim. Therefore, my mother simply goes about her business and saunters home. And we survived somehow. Imagine.

The good-old days:)

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